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About Us

PrendaBella came to life after a vacation trip to Medellín, Colombia, in 2018 that led to the discovery of the most amazing fashion designs and accessories, full of color, richness of pattern and materials, and beautiful craftsmanship. 

We want to share with you this discovery on our varied platform of designers from all over Latin America, showcasing innovative original designs combined with master artisan traditional techniques and heritage influences. Their creations produce original and contemporary, handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces that are sought after by the fashion forward woman looking to express her unique, creative style. 

By working closely with the designers we insure an ethical trade process with the communities they collaborate, many of them marginalized artisans. We also want to continue with our goal of minimizing environmental impact, a work in progress. You will find information on each brand in product descriptions and our PrendaNews blog.

Our carefully selected collection will frequently evolve to stay fresh and current to bring you the latest in Latin American luxury fashion.

Our collection of exclusive pieces are created by innovative designers who collaborate with artisans and artists in their communities

Fair trade designers from Escvdo with local artisan

Designers and master weavers from Escvdo Peru

Armando Lara Hidalgo, artist collaborating with Kolori Honduras

Yumajai designers with local indigenous artisans and fair trade products

Jewelry designers and indigenous artisans from Yumajai Colombia

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We are part of MOLA - An international movement of sustainable Latin American fashion

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