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    Exquisite Designs From The Heart of South America


    Made by local artisans to create pieces that are unique, colorful, and one of a kind


    Selected handbags tailored to add color, texture and distinction

About Us

PrendaBella came to life after a vacation trip to Colombia in 2018 where in my visit to Medellín I found the most amazing fashion designs and accessories, full of color, richness of pattern and materials, and beautiful craftsmanship. They were trendy, inspired, different, lush, and absolutely exciting. My own love for fashion and accessories that are different and stand out from the rest inspired me to share and make them available to all women who are striving for a distinct style and expression in their dressing.

How are we sustainable? Our collection of designers bring fashion innovation incorporating principles of responsible fashion

Fair trade designers from Escvdo with local artisan

Commitment to fair trade

Our designers pay their artisans fairly, respect their cultures and heritage, provide good working conditions and contribute to their communities.

Inspection of Distinct and one of a kind Dress

Reduction of environmental impact

Quality, versatile designs are created in limited editions, small quantities and with reduced environmental impact.

Local Artisans crafting a environmentally responsible accessory

Materials are sourced locally and responsibly

Our collections are created with local materials 

Michú bags designer Emma Carvajal and local artisans sustainable practices

Women are supported and empowered

Women form the majority of the artisan community and are frequently the main bread winners and center of their family life. Our designers make sure they are recognized, respected and paid well.

Women from Honduras creating an art installation and supported with education by Kolori

Support and empowering of local communities

Our brands give back to the community they work with to promote their social and cultural well being

Yumajai designers with local indigenous artisans and fair trade products

Respect of local designs and traditions

The use of ancient techniques and labor are supported responsibly and ethically.

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We are part of MOLA - An international movement of sustainable Latin American fashion

Latin America For The World

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