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PrendaBella showcases beautiful, exotic, colorful and unique, carefully selected fashion from talented Latin American designers that are committed to sustainability. 

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Emberi indigenous artisans from Colombia make jewelry and handbags for Yumajai

Indigenous artists

The jewelers from Yumajai collaborate with the Embera Chami of Colombia by providing employment, training, and fair pay

Local artisan from Colombia weaving locally sourced straw for the making of Michú bags

Local artisans and weavers

Michú  from Colombia is committed to local communities in the making of their handbags and uses locally sourced materials

Bonnie Castañeda of Kolori fashion house from Honduras crafting her hand dyed designs

Hand sewn and printed

Based in Honduras, Kolori fashion house is led by the Castañeda sisters where they use natural dyes for their clothing. They donate proceeds to Honduran initiative "Women for the Arts"

Bold designs. Superior craftsmanship. Sustainable and eco-conscious.

Soft leather bucket handbag with quilting and tassel


Elegant and timeless, there's nothing like a leather handbag to elevate your wardrobe. All are made from fine Colombian leather.

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Statement 24K gold plated pum cat with dancing black and gold beads

Beads and Gold

Glass beads with 24k gold-plated accents evoking jungle flora and fauna bring these statement, handcrafted jewelry designs to life. 

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Straw round handbag with silk embroidery and leather handle and accents


Our handbags are hand woven using the fibers of plants native to Colombia, and are embroidered or accented with leather, beads or metal for a luxurious, bold look.

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