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Kolori from Honduras blue dress tunic with classical art printed images, worn with skinny jeans





Honduras: A Fashion Conception 

Creative Director and Styling: Amy Campos

Photography: Hilary Romero

Fashion: Kolori by Bonnie Castañeda de García 

Model: Ana Low

Writer: Luis Àngel Murillo

Location: Chicago, Illinois, Estados Unidos 

The fashion scene in Honduras has been built on dedication, tenacity and, above all else, the long hours of dedicated work by designers, editors, photographers and stylists, whose perseverance has made “Fashion in Honduras” into a reality.

I begin by saying this to impress upon you the significance of all that we have accomplished as Hondurans. Each individual who dedicated themselves to this enterprise has contributed to some degree to Honduras’ place in the international fashion world. 

Kolori short blue tunic with classic art images hand printed on satin fabric, worn with pencil skirt

Eight years ago we did not have what we have today. Now we have created platforms that celebrate fashion in so many ways—runways, specialty stores, schools of design, and creative organizations that are promoting fashion in our country.

“This is Honduras, with its textiles, its traditions, its aesthetics, ingrained in every cut, stitch, and color,” says José Forteza, junior editor of Vogue Latinoamérica. He adds, “What we need is for the world to see them up close, to give them the recognition and gift of buying and wearing their creations.”

I take these words to heart, but it is also true that we ourselves must have the opportunity to reap the rewards of our labor. 

Kolori hand printed cape and slacks of satin fabric with images of classical art, sustainable fashion

 Since 2010, Auge Boga has been dedicated to the promotion of fashion and art and the selling of local designers’ creations in Honduras, as well as gradually advancing the industry.

Recently, Auge Boga unveiled the Honduran design houses Kolori, Ana Low, Num3rica, and Enjabonarte at Latino Fashion Week 2018 in Chicago.

To me, this signified a great step forward in the contribution to Honduran fashion design because it has placed Honduran talent into the international market. Such a large audience will promote and benefit the fashion design sector in our country.

To see Honduran design brought to the United States in an event of such great significance to Latin American designers from all over the world has been an honor beyond words. This accomplishment has greatly deepened my appreciation for the fashion world, because it has brought Honduras to the forefront in a beautiful way, and highlighted all the richness of culture that we truly have to offer. 


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