Colombiamoda in Medellín – Setting the stage for upcoming Latin American Designers

For those of you who like to think out of the box and avoid cookie-cutter looks, Latin fashion is what you are looking for.  Latin American designers bring fresh new styles with their combination of current trend and local cultural tradition that, when mixed together, achieve an ultra-feminine, striking look. Some of the designers, such as Johanna Ortiz and Silvia Tcherassi, are already making appearance in luxury fashion websites and retailers. 

Latin American Fashion Runway





Which brings us to one of the most important stages in Latin America for fashion design, Medellín, Colombia and their yearly fashion week, Colombiamoda. This year they celebrated their 30th edition and opened the door to hundreds of local and international vendors, which makes it one of the most important trade shows in Latin America.



Many of the current trends have influences from Latin American fashion designers. Ruffles, statement sleeves, folk print touches, fringe, tropical prints, brightly colored florals, elaborate bold jewelry are some of the looks seen in the runways for 2020.   

Colombiamoda runway show  

Colombia is seen as the top source of cutting edge Latin fashion, with new and innovative designers emerging every years. Sustainability is one of the top priorities in the production of clothing, as it becomes a mounting concern in the industry. Also the preservation of ancestral techniques and support of artisans and communities, as the country recovers from year of conflict and is working to remedy some of the social injustices and displacement of indigenous groups.

A recent visit to Medellin revealed a city bustling with life, with a new and sparkling clean railway and cable car system. People welcome you with open arms and are grateful to all visitors for coming to Colombia and proud to show their country. Cafés, bars, restaurants there are in abundance and packed in the evening with a cheerful crowd. Fashion boutiques  are full of surprises, with delightful, beautiful clothing and accessories that will make your mouth water. The town is surrounded by the beautiful Andes mountains. The climate is perfect.  

Medellin square

The Colombiamoda fashion week is an event not to be missed, and Medellin a city to be visited for not only the fashion, but for the people, culture and beautiful landscape.

PrendaBella showcases three different sustainable designer houses from  Colombia: Yumajai, Michú Bags and Vera Chaäng, with the latest fashion trends in jewelry and handbags.


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