Classic leather handbags with a twist

Love leather handbags? There's nothing like a beautifully designed, quality leather handbag to take your outfit to another new level of elegance and chic. 

Many people are unaware of this, but Colombia is now the third largest producer of leather goods in Latin America.  It is predicted that the country's leather goods industry will grow at a staggering eight percent per year for the foreseeable future.  This will make it one of the largest industries and economic drivers in the country.

There is likely a very good reason for the growth in this industry.  Colombian leather is considered not only beautiful, but some of the finest and most durable in the world.  And interestingly, instead of these leather products being made in factories and large manufacturing facilities, most of these high-end leather goods are still made in mom-and-pop locations.  They are using many of the same methods and techniques that have been passed on from generation to generation for centuries.  This is why those involved in the Colombian leather industry are considered artisans, not workers.

These artisans work with two types of leathers to make women's handbags, many of which are sold here at PrendaBella.  These are:

Full-grain leather.  This is considered the highest quality leather. The leather comes from the strongest part of the hide, just below the animals hair. What we find here is that the leather is very tight, which helps make it the strongest and most durable leather. We should also note, because the leather is so tight, it resists moisture, allowing these leather products to be worn throughout the year in all types of weather conditions.  And, to add icing to the cake, full-grain leather ages beautifully. It develops a patina over time, giving the leather a warm and slightly shiny look.

Top-grain leather. The second type of leather used by Colombian artisans is called top-grain.  It is very similar to full grain leather as to beauty, but it has been buffed to remove imperfections. This gives it a more uniform finish that many women prefer.  However, as durable as it is, top-grain leather does breakdown a little faster than the full-grain leather just discussed.  While this type of leather is used to make handbags, it is more often used to make what are referred to as "cookie cutter" leather goods, such as wallets.

We also want you to know that like so many other Colombian products sold here at Prendabella, sustainability is a major consideration.  For instance, at one location where these artisans work, steps have been implemented so that more than 20 percent of the water used to make the leather goods is now recycled. These locations also have been able to reduce energy consumption by as much as 30 percent, and steps are in place to reduce the number of chemicals used in the production of the leather goods.   PendaBella is proud to offer our customers some of the finest leather handbags from one of the most respected designers in all of Colombia. These handbags are not only beautiful, attractive, and long-lasting, they comfortably compete with some of the highest leather fashion houses in Europe and around the world, but at a fraction of the cost.


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