Designer Highlight- Gabriela and Patricia Urrutia Jewelry Designers from Dos Pinceles

The inspiration and creativity behind Dos Pinceles is led by the Puerto Rican twin sisters, Gabriela and Patricia Urrutia. Both with degrees in Fine Arts, they have done work with acrylic in canvas, prints and murals throughout their discovery of artistic expression.

 In 2013, after taking classes for crafting metals with their mentor and Jewelry Designer, Jeannette Fossas, a passion for making jewelry was born. With no time to lose, Dos Pinceles developed their first handcrafted innovative collection in 2014, translating art, nature and history into beautiful pieces of minimalistic jewelry designs. 

Workshop of jewelry designers from Dos Pinceles Puerto Rico

These "Two Brushes" - the artists - have united for a collaborative effort that has yielded inventive pieces by bending, texturizing and accenting bronze and silver metals. Each piece is handmade; cut, hammered, polished and assembled in their studio. With metals being the highlight of current jewelry trends, these pieces adapt themselves very well to the simplicity and comfort of today's looks. Each collection is tied to an element of nature.

 Silver and brass jewelry by Dos Pinceles Puerto Rico

Their Rústico collection is inspired by the beautiful views, streets, rock walls and architecture of the magical town of Taxco, the silver capital of Mexico. The pieces are designed and crafted in Taxco using the ancient "lost wax" technique which lends an organic quality to the designs, then finished in their studio in Puerto Rico.


Curva collection necklace by Dos Pinceles Puerto Rico 

The Curva Collection is inspired in the movement of natural curves. The artists have cut and shaped each piece by hand, giving them undulating, graceful shapes to form statement pieces that are both bold and comfortable to wear.


Ring and bracelets from the Curva Collection by Dos Pinceles Puerto Rico

Inspired by the flow of life and constant changes, the Fluir designs have a delicate and silky finish and a mirror like surface that reflects light and the various shades in the metal.

Fluir earrings from collections by Dos Pinceles Puerto Rico


 All of their jewelry designs are easily incorporated into your wardrobe from their simplicity and elegance. Dos Pinceles has been featured at Vogue and Glamour magazines. 

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