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Jewelry trend forecast 2020

Jewelry trend forecast 2020


A new fashion revolution is in the making after the unveiling of new styles from the exciting fashion month runways for 2020 Spring/Summer collections. Glam earrings are hotter than ever and accessorizing will become a big part of your outfit of the day. 

Bold colors and shapes and oversized statement pieces dominate the jewelry trends. Fun designs with large beads, mixes of colors and materials, bright flowers, sculptural shapes, embellished hoops, and extra long and oversized earrings are the new substitutes for the small, gold or silver and minimalistic styles of past years. Now maximalism is the key. And nothing is better than the bold styles, use of beads, fauna and flora and playful design of Latin American jewelry creations. 

Pink bird earrings made of Miyuki and Murano glass

Bird earrings of Murano and Miyuki glass beads 

A mix of textiles, crystals, beads shaped into animals, brightly juxtaposed with deeply hued 24K gold characterize many of their statement pieces. The quality of these materials also make for long lasting jewelry and they are also more affordable. The jewelry is intricately made by local artisans using techniques passed on for generations.


Statement earrings with crystals and glass beads

Athenea earrings of Swarovski® crystal with Murano and Miyuki glass beads

The brilliance and high quality of the crystals of Swarovski® are a great substitute for the more expensive diamonds. For over 120 years Swarovski® Crystal has utilized fine Quartz, minerals and sand to be processed into real crystals in a complex process. The exact formula is a trade secret producing the finest crystal that sparkles like diamonds. Their newest processes create a durable material resistant to wear.

The use of Czech beads is one of the most popular materials, made of pressed glass in a process dating back over 300 years. An article for the New York Times reports "For four and a half centuries, since Czech artisans brought back the secrets of glassmaking from the venetian island of Murano, the narrow and tree-choked valleys of northern Bohemia have been producing a dizzying array of glass beads in all manner of colors, sizes, shapes and decorative flourishes". These families run factories and produce beads that are used in all corners of the world to make jewelry, handbags and other accessories. These small enterprises support the families and have been passed on for generations.  Many indigenous groups use these beads, including groups from Colombia working with fair trade designers such as Vera Chaäng and Yumajai.

Geometrical statement earrings made of Czech glass beads

Czech glass beads embroidered into geometrical shaped earrings

Miyuki Japanese glass, produced since 1949, is another wonderful kind of glass bead, considered one of the top in quality, brilliance and uniform shape. The world known Murano or Venetian glass, produces a vivid, highly polished glass that is renowned worldwide for its quality and beauty. The beads are made from the famous Moretti Canes who make filigrana canes, millefiori canes and the solids and translucent colors (now Effetre Industriale). 

Bird earrings made of Miyuki and Czech, and Murano glass beads

Bird earrings made of Murano, Miyuki and Czech glass beads

Our new collection from Vera Chaäng will bring you now those beautiful, one of a kind statement pieces that you are looking for. With the best material and craftsmanship, their designs are, unique, affordable and will give you fun ideas to experiment with in your wardrobe. And the best of it is that they are created sustainably, the intricate patterns and beadwork woven together by artisans in close collaboration with the artists and following the best fair trade practices. 


parrot cuff beaded earrings


Czech glass bead parrot cuff earrings

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