Jewelry Trends for Fall/Winter 2021-22 that you will love

Exciting new jewelry is the perfect way of bringing happiness to our lives after a challenging year. What better than investing on a special piece that really speaks to you and will bring so much life to your outfit? A pair of jeans, a soft blouse and loafers will look absolutely amazing with a gold chain necklace or gem-decorated earrings. A jewelry purchase is of special significance to us because it is an investment that will give us joy for a long time to come. Giving it as a gift is the ultimate show of love and everlasting connection.

Here are highlights of the new and innovative jewelry styles so coveted this season:

Gems and More Gems!

Gemstone studded pieces add the just the amount of color we want to get out of the monotony and bring vibrancy to an otherwise muted outfit. These earrings by Georgina Vargas for GEO Designs from Nicaragua are made of 24k gold plated, recycled sterling silver elegantly studded with green malachite and yellow citrine gemstones. To top it all, they feature detachable pieces so you can wear them two ways. 

 Gold, malachite and citrine long earrings

Her ruby earrings are so beautiful, with that unmistakable deep red that distinguishes the stone. These pendant earrings with quartz are also detachable and can be worn with and without the pendant.

Gold, ruby and quartz pendant earrings

The Cocktail Ring

Dating back to the decadence of the 1920’s and the daring of women to drink during the Prohibition, the cocktail ring stands out by the size and embellishments. It is also a part of the women’s rebellion at those times and which we can definitely identify with now. This striking ring by Ana Ibañez Jewelry Designs from Mexico really fits the bill. Part of her Condesa Collection inspired by the famous trendy Art Deco neighborhood of Mexico City, it’s made with fine sterling silver and an insert of laser cut acrylic. You will impress and rebel with this chic ring.

Silver and laser cut acrylic cocktail ring men and women

Hoop Earrings

Worn centuries ago by Cleopatra and a symbol of women’s independence and sassiness, hoop earrings are back strong and with new and fun designs. Carolina Baena from Colombia’s Jetlagmode has designed this cool hoop earring made of recycled wood, freshwater pearls and recycled brass combined with silver. These earrings are also detachable - you can wear the gold piece by itself. Their earthiness will look amazing with a neutral look paired with chunky boots.

Stackable Bracelets

From beaded bracelets to fine metal pieces, stackable bracelets will let you use your creativity and maximizes embellishment. Just make sure you plan it carefully so they blend together smoothly. Dos Pinceles jewelry from Puerto Rico has a set all ready for you with different shapes made of brass and undulating forms that will transport your to the breezy feel of the Caribbean. Get more than one set to mix and match your stack.

Long Necklaces with Statement Pendants

Gold long chain necklaces are a classic that will look good with so many of your outfits and it's a must-have in your jewelry collection. The new ones with beautiful pedants are a gorgeous way to stand out, especially with the addition of gemstones. This necklace by GEO Designs is 24k gold plated sterling silver with a citrine gemstone and will give you instant elegance and sophistication. 

Long chain necklace with citrine and charm

Go to here to find these unique jewelry pieces.

 Long gold necklace with charm and citrine gemstone and ruby earrings


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