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I'm sure you've all heard of the many benefits of choosing organic cotton over conventional one and the negative impact of the production of regular cotton garments.  But what is exactly the reason for that? And we know that organic cotton is a little more expensive than regular cotton. Why should I pay more for organic cotton?

I want to give you as much information as possible for you to make and informed decision about what you buy and wear. Not only does it have to do with how you look but also how your feel about wearing something that is not exactly good for the environment and the people.


Cotton field

Here is some background information about the growth and production of conventional cotton in the world as it stands right now:

  • Conventional cotton represents around 3.5% of the total textile market but has some of the highest pesticide and chemical use. Most of these substances end up in the soil, water, and air, as only 10% of these chemicals enter the cotton plant.
  • According to PAN, pesticides, without a doubt, have been proven dangerous to human health and children.
  • It is well established that cotton agriculture require significant amounts of water. The production of a T-shirt with conventional cotton would use 2,700 liters of water.
  • Large corporations are utilizing a new type of cotton that is genetically modified. These new GMO seeds are sterile and break the normal growth of the plant affecting the composition of the soil and biodiversity.
  • The farmer's livelihood is affected by the dependency on work with these large corporations and many smaller farms cannot compete with them.
  • Some of the cotton seeds are treated with a toxin to kill bollworm, which in turn attracts other pests that need increase use of pesticide.
  • The spraying of the chemicals can poison farm workers, nearby communities, birds and bees and impacts entire ecosystems.
  • When conventional cotton is processed it is subjected to use of many other chemicals such as chlorine bleach, heavy metal dyes and formaldehyde.


Farmer spraying crops


Now let's move on to the organic cotton growth and benefits:

  • Organic cotton is grown with natural processes that include manual farming, high quality seed varieties, crop rotation, and water conservation. Crop rotation keeps the quantity of pests at a low level as it promotes a natural balance. These practices are regenerative and not destructive of natural ecosystems. 
  • In addition, crop rotation and manual cultivation promote a healthy soil and reduces the use of fossil fuels and carbon dioxide from machinery, thus aids in reducing global warming.
  • Better water management helps conserve this resource that has become increasingly scarce. According to Textile Exchange, the making of an organic cotton T-shirt results in a savings of 1,982 gallons of water.
  • Farmers, communities and wildlife are spared poisonous toxic chemicals.
  • Organic cotton is often grown by farmers that are also land owners. This in turn aids their local communities.
  • Factory and mill workers are not exposed to toxic chemicals that potentially affect their health.


Cotton farmer


How does this impact us as a consumer? Organic cotton is of better quality. It is more comfortable with a nice soft feel, is hypoallergenic, and lasts longer, as the fibers have not been broken down by the use of chemicals. Wearing it also gives us peace of mind. As we all are affected and share the burden of protecting our the environment and our health, we can with our purchase decisions have a significant impact on the people and the environment. Buying organic cotton Is an investment that pays well in many ways.

Our organic cotton T-shirts are made in the USA with the highest work standards and labor practices, and has been certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard. I have made sure that every aspect of its production has been given the utmost attention in every step of the way from how it's grown, harvested, manufactured, to the printing process. The graphics are screen printed with water-based inks mixed daily. You will notice that the images have a very nice soft feel to them and fibers will show through for a very natural look.

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Organic cotton tee with Frida Kahlo

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