The Inspiration for Ana Ibañez’s Contemporary Jewelry Designs - Mexico's Rich Culture and Architecture

When you meet Ana Ibañez, she exudes eternal enthusiasm and a happiness that is contagious, even on a Zoom meeting from Chicago to Mexico. Her optimism, curiosity and playfulness translate themselves into inventive and artistic jewelry creations. Her background as an accomplished architect gives us an idea of her deep involvement in the rich history of Mexico’s architecture that influences some of her creations. From her inspirations emerge elegant, bold and creative jewelry that a woman who cherishes her polished and artistic personal style will really appreciate.

Ana Ibañez jewelry designs inspired by Casa Cristo in MexicoJewelry inspired by Casa Cristo in Guadalajara

Both Mexico City and Guadalajara are the centers of architectural masterpieces that are the works of the world renowned Mexican architect Luis Barragán. Her Barraganescas Collection includes a variety of necklaces and earrings made with the finest gems, silver from Guadalajara, laser-cut acrylic, clay polymer, and leather from Oxaca. Made to order from her studio in Mexico City, these pieces are coveted by local and traveling fashionistas.

Silver and Agate with Onyx Earrings

Casa González Luna Silver, Agate and Onyx Earrings and Necklace

Casa González Luna silver, agate and onyx necklace

Barragan’s Casa Orozco, Casa Gonzalez and Casa Cristo have each a special characteristic architectural design which is highlighted in each jewelry piece – windows, stairs, doors, and colors are elegantly represented. These are etched on fine Mexican sterling silver and accented with gemstones. Onyx, agate, jadeite, and obsidian are some of the gems she uses for her pieces. 

Silver and Leather necklace inspired by casa Orozco in Mexico

Silver Obsidian and Onyx Earrings - Casa Orozco Silver and Leather Necklace. The necklace can be worn either by men or women 

Her Condesa Collection shows the Art Deco influence of the historical and trendy Condesa neighborhood of Mexico City. Her mix of minimalism and ornate Art Deco design with her interpretative details using gemstones, silver and laser-cut acrylic will give you that chic look that the neighborhood is famous for.

 Necklace and brooch made of gold, plymer clay, onyx and silver

Condesa III Gold, Polymer Clay, Onyx and Silver Necklace that also converts to a Brooch 

Silver and laser cut acrylic cocktail ring men and women

Condesa Amsterdam Silver and Laser Cut Acrylic Ring - For men or women

Ana Ibañez’s unique collections are now available in the United States exclusively at PrendaBella. With each luxurious piece you will have a little piece of Mexico without having to travel far. If you are lucky to go to Mexico City, make sure you visit her studio – her warmth and cheerfulness will make you feel right at home!

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