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Mujeres En El Arte - Women in the Arts initiative in Honduras

Mujeres En El Arte - Women in the Arts initiative in Honduras

Art by Leticia Bangs, Honduran artist -

 Located in the historic center of  Hondura’s capital Tegucigalpa, Mujeres En El Arte - MUA (Women in the Arts) is a non-profit organization created in 1995 for the education and promotion of various art initiatives throughout Honduras with emphasis in the influence and involvement of the women in the culture, art and social fabric of Honduras.

Honduran art installation

Women working on an art installation

Women in the Arts promotes artistic creativity and exploration by acting as an incubator of innovation in art and design through a variety of events, art installations, educational programs and other  activities for women and the community. 

Gallery at MUA Honduras

 Art exhibition in the gallery space of MUA

Art classes at MUA Honduras

Local women taking advantage of one of many art classes available through MUA


Bonnie Castañeda at MUA Honduras

Bonnie Castañeda exhibiting her jewelry designs. She donates a portion of her sales to MUA and you can purchase her tunic designs in collaboration with the artist Hidalgo Lara at our store here. Let's promote Honduran fashion and art as a way to bring their communities together and recognize women's achievements and contributions.

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