Peruvian Pima Cotton - Highest quality cotton in the world

The best cotton in the world is the renowned Pima cotton, a variety cultivated in Perú. What sets it apart is its longer and finer fiber, making it exceptionally soft, lustrous, extremely durable, wrinkle resistant and gentler on the skin. The length of fiber is similar to wool, giving it comparable breathability and strength.

Weaving of Pima cotton in Perú

Perú produces five types of cotton of which Pima is their flagship product. Overall there are 50 varieties of cotton in the world.

Pima originated in Perú but was actually introduced in 1918 from Arizona. The climate conditions and type of soil made it ideal for the development of the product we know today.

Peruvian countryside

The microclimate in the warm regions north of Lima is perfect, with plenty of rain. Cotton requires a lot of water due to the quantity of leaves and fruit that it produces. The abundant rains help reduce the need for irrigation and waste.

Regions of Perú

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Escvdo short summer dress



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