The Artists of Kolori LAB Designs

Kolori's designer Bonnie Castañeda has been involved in the arts in Honduras for many years and has been a powerful force in the promotion of the arts and artists of her country. She has translated this effort into the creation of her garments by collaborating with three top artists of Honduras, giving them exposure in beautiful pieces that will attract attention by the lovely colors, design, and placement of the images. These designs are now available in limited editions exclusively at PrendaBella.


Armando Lara Hidalgo

 Armando Lara Hidalgo with his painting


Armando Lara Hidalgo has been represented in expositions and won accolades throughout the world.  His paintings are characterized by the movement of the human body with a combination of color, grays and blacks. In them he inserts objects of daily living: radios, passports, flight tickets. He represents human bodies in all their vulnerability and their interaction with the cosmos as he ponders on the human condition.  Mr. Lara Hidalgo has developed the art of drawing the human figure to the most exact and sublime form.


Armando Lara dress designed by Bonnie Castaneda

Dress with Armando Lara Hidalgo's images 


Santos Arzú Quioto

 Santos Arzú with his painting


One of the biggest exponents of abstract and contemporary art in Latinoamerica, for thirty years, Santos Arzù Quioto he has been represented in more than 50 collections in galleries and museums all over the world.  His paintings are deeply textured  resembling sculptures with chromatic spots. Carlos Lanza, the Honduran critic, writes in a review: “I have referred to Arzú Quioto’s painting as “matter painting”; the materials take over as support without becoming disconnected from their two-dimensional nature, which in specific projects have brought it close to sculpture.” Arzú is represented in the United States at The Americas Collection in Coral Gables, Florida.


Aizú dress designer by Bonnie Castaneda 

Jacket Dress with Arzú's painting 



 Bayardo Blandino

Bayardo Blandino

Latitudes Series Painting

Bayardo Blandino painting


Artistic director of Women for the Arts in Honduras (MUA), Bayardo Blandino has been a significant influence in the promotion of the arts in Honduras together with the Kolori designer Bonnie Castañeda. He received a grant from the Getty Foundation to attend the Annual Conference of the International Committee for Museum and Collections of Modern Art (CIMAM 2019), which took place in Sydney, Australia. His contemporary pieces from the series Latitudes are featured in Kolori’s designs.


Blandino tunic top designed by Bonnie Castaneda


 Jacket with images by Blandino from the series Latitudes


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