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Escvdo founders with artisans from Perú
Escvdo’s collections, designed by Chiara and Giuliana Machiavello, are inspired by Peru’s vast cultural and natural wealth,
combining ancestral textile traditions with premium fibers. 
They work with weavers on reclaiming traditional weaving techniques and
empowering the memory of Peru’s traditions. The collections are both sourced and made locally.

Chiara, together with her father Aldo, founded Kupaya, a non-profit foundation. 

 Meaning “caring” in the Peru native language Quechua, Kuyapa’s goal is to better the lives of local communities deep within the Perú Andes Mountains and Amazon Rainforest.

Socially conscious fashion design has been a dream for many years for the founders of Escvdo. And today, their dream has become a reality as they work alongside native Andean artisans and textile experts to merge modern trends with stunning time-honored designs that exude the vibrant heart and soul of Peru and its people.

In particular, Escvdo partners with craftsmen of the Huancavelica province, a place far off the beaten path in the middle of the Andes Mountain range. The heritage pieces that the company collaborates on and later takes to Lima for finishing are sources of pride for the villagers, who in turn are able to reap various benefits from their dedicated work.

With established ties to the Andes, Escvdo is now interested in furthering their outreach into the Amazon communities as well. Through offering educational, medical, and infrastructural support and sponsorships based on the specific needs of each local community or village, which they have considered first hand, they will deliver solutions that integrate well with the existing society to ensure the sustainability of all their efforts.

By partnering with Delfin Amazon Cruises, which has deep connections to the people and culture of Amazonias, and Escvdo, which works closely with the artisans of the Peruvian Andes, Kuyapa aims to utilize both organizations’ strengths in order to create a single channel for assistance, influence, and inspiration to these populations.

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