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Lissette Castillo

Lissette Castillo

The unique graphics by Puerto Rican designer Lissette Castillo are inspired by Spanish heraldic motifs or lineage coats of arms, many of them from common Hispanic family names dating back to medieval times in Spain. Some of the motifs are also in Latin American countries' coats of arms which represent their history, nature and peoples and were created as part of their newly founded country. 

Many of the motifs representing animals, nature, buildings, people, abstract designs and specific colors have symbolism dating back to medieval heraldry borne by knights. The symbols represented valor, bravery, protection, security, integrity, obedience, loyalty and other qualities and virtues esteemed at the time, and which are still being valued today. The richness and creativity of the ornate ancient heraldry is translated into beautifully artistic graphics that fuse the past and present in harmony and with a minimalistic look.

The designs are inspirations, not imitations, of the motifs, and have been modernized to speak to the contemporary woman of our age to reflect her edgy, chic, confident style.

The utmost attention to detail in the production of her designs begins with quality garments that have been produced ethically and sustainably every step of the way, from the organic cotton harvesting, dyeing, sewing and finishing down to the printing process. Wearing her beautiful garments will feel good to your body, heart and soul.

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