Patti and Bonnie Castaneda, founders of design house Kolori from Honduras

Bonnie Castañeda from Kolori Honduras at the Chicago Latino Fashion Week 2018 
Kolori is a Honduran fashion house created in 2015 by the sisters Bonnie and Patty Castañeda that combines clothing design and art with the goal of promoting “wearable art” in Honduras and other countries.
Each of their pieces has an original design. They have redefined the use of the tunic, leaving behind the restrictions of its use to only beachwear. They instead showcase it as a simple garment that is at once elegant and functional, can be worn for both day and evening, and is practical for traveling. The tunics display a variety of color combinations and movement-driven drapery—they are characterized by their vibrancy and expressivity, adaptable to the unique expressions of women of all ages. The dyes used are non-toxic and each piece is crafted for a timeless look.
This initiative grew from the Castañedas’ love of art in all its manifestations and they have strived to elevate it by maintaining deep relationships with designers, artists and workshops throughout the world.
Patty and Bonnie Castañeda feel a social responsibility to contribute to the elevation of women entrepreneurs, and they therefore collaborate with art educational programs in public schools throughout Honduras through the non-profit “Women in the Arts” in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.
Bonnie Castañeda de Garcia was director and owner of Art Gallery Portales from 1987-2005. She has curated over fifteen art biennials in Central America and Iberoamerica. In 2011 she founded the Museum of National Identity MIN and Honduras’ art auction IDEARTE, which ran for three consecutive years. In 2014 she created the Honduran designers’ collective “Piso Diez Diseño”. She has participated in various workshops on art and textiles in Honduras, Cuba and the United States, including a design biennial in Havana, Cuba.
Patricia Castaneda has been a designer of art glass since 2007 and silk painter since 2013. In 2014 she joined the Honduran designers’ collective “Piso Diez Diseño”. She has participated in various workshops on her silk painting techniques at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York; The Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC; The Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, DC; and recently in the first biennial of design in Havana, Cuba.
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Armando Lara Hidalgo, artist from Honduras and collaborator with Kolori fashion house. 

Collaborating Honduran artist Armando Lara Hidalgo

Armando Lara Hidalgo is a renowned artist from Honduras who has been represented in expositions and won accolades throughout the world.  His paintings are characterized by the movement of the human body with a combination of color, grays and blacks. In them he inserts objects of daily living: radios, passports, flight tickets. He represents human bodies in all their vulnerability and their interaction with the cosmos as he ponders on the human condition, frailty and suffering.  Mr. Lara Hidalgo has developed the art of drawing the human figure to the most exact and sublime form.

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