Achojk'i Leather and Silver Bracelet


The achojk'i is a salamander found among the mud and plants in the volcanic area of the Lake Patzcuaro in the Mexican state of Michoacán. It was a god to the Purhepécha tribe, a Mesoamerican civilization contemporary of the Aztecs, and was used by native Mexicans and local nuns for medicinal purposes. It is currently an endangered species. 

This jewelry piece will put a smile to your face and connect you to nature and earth.

  • Achojk'i salamander made using a lost wax method with silver 925.
  • Hand woven leather strap of hand-tanned calf leather by artisans from Oxaca.
  • Measurements: adjustable strap 8 in long, achojk'i 2.5 in long.
  • Includes certificate of authenticity and care instructions.
  • His or hers.
  • This is a hand-made piece made to order - Please allow 3 weeks for delivery.

Ana Ibañez is a Mexican contemporary jewelry designer dedicated to expanding the cultural heritage of Mexico through her unique jewelry pieces. As an architect and doctoral author, she has delved deeply in the history and preservation of Mexican culture. Always curious, inventive and playful, she decided to use jewelry as an expression of her creative imagination and trained in silver making in Mexico City with local ateliers and designers. She makes all her jewelry by hand with the assistance of select expert silversmiths using the fine silver of Guadalajara.