Atarca Electric Blue Mini Pima Cotton Summer Dress

Richly hand woven in Peruvian Pima cotton and rayon, this dress is light and super comfortable, a blend of traditional Peruvian ancient weaving techniques and contemporary design. A timeless piece in a striking blue color with white tassels. Wear it loose or cinch it with a wide belt for hot summer outings. You'll love the lightness and comfort of this dress.

Escvdo's Pima cotton comes from the coastal region of Pisco, Peru, and adheres to the highest fair-trade standards. Pima cotton is known for an extra long fiber yielding an exceptionally soft fabric that is both durable and gentle on your skin.

  • One size fits all. Roomy fit. 
  • 50% Pima cotton 50% rayon
  • Dry clean
  • Measurements: 30" wide, 33" long. Model is 5'10" tall.
Escvdo’s collections are inspired by Peru’s vast cultural and natural wealth, combining ancestral textile traditions with premium fibers.They work with weavers on reclaiming traditional weaving techniques and empowering the memory of Peru’s traditions. The collections are both sourced and made locally. Escvdo is committed to sustainability and transparency in the execution of their collections. They employ skilled artisans in both the sourcing of materials, and the creation of our one-of-a-kind, handmade pieces, contributing to the local economies and financially supporting age-old traditions.