Lara Blue Gray Art Midi Dress

This dramatic statement dress has classical surrealist images by Honduran artist Lara Hidalgo, for the ultimate in wearable art. This dress is perfect for an evening out to the opera, theater or art event. Embellish it with high heels and statement earrings for an out-of-the-world look that will turn heads.
  • One size
  • Hand printed designs are on both sides of the dress using non-toxic, natural dyes on luxurious mid-weight 100% polyester satin 
  • Bears the artist's signature
  • Dry clean or hand wash
  • Measurements in inches: Length 44, width 39. Model is 5'10" tall

Kolori's most recent collection was created through a collaboration of designer Bonnie Castañeda with Honduran artist Armando Lara Hidalgo. Each garment is characterized by its vibrancy and expressiveness and is adaptable to the uniqueness of women of any age. The dyes used are non-toxic and each piece is hand crafted in limited editions. These garments are extremely versatile and travel well with minimal to no wrinkling. Kolori donates a portion of all sales of the collection to Women for the Arts (MUA) in Honduras, which supports women education and empowerment.